NEWS: Recruitment of flexible paid and volunteer roles at Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC, closing date next Wednesday 22nd

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Recruitment of flexible paid and volunteer roles at Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC
(closing date for applications – next Wednesday 22nd December 9am )

Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC is a social movement and enterprise that aims to harness the power of life experiences to create change for Moray communities.

Work in your Moray locality and area of expertise as part of an empowered and dynamic team of individuals. Use your skills combined with the power of your life experiences to create change for those with experience of disadvantage and vulnerability in Moray, including families, children and young people.

These roles are designed to be flexible to best meet our project needs and work around your existing health or work commitments. Applicants selected who meet the essential qualifications and skills will work as part of a team to organise and plan their hours. Roles can be as small as 5h a week with the opportunity to develop more full roles in the future.


Commitments –  being a Champion and training in peer-skills

Anyone who wishes to take on a role with Moray Wellbeing Hub is also required to sign up to the movement as a Champion – someone who has experienced mental health challenges or crisis in their life and wants to support the Moray Wellbeing Hub by taking action.

Becoming a Champion is open to all ages.
Registration is available online at any time of the year. This is an informal role with individuals attending events, contributing to campaigns and running their own actions in communities whenever they wish rather than committing specific hours. Some Champions have formal roles, specific skills and support. Current examples include, Experteer and Community Connector. These are recruited for specific projects or when there is identified need and resource to host them. Please see the volunteering roles below for more details.

Commitment to training: We also ask that you hold, or be free to undertake Peer2Peer training February / March 2021, around 20 hours spread over multiple sessions and gives you invaluable skills to support as a peer, taking a strengths-based approach.


Flexible paid roles:

We believe in assigning roles based on individual strengths and interests – so please let us know in which way you could see your skills fitting in. As well as the roles below we are open to hear suggestions on what you could bring.
Just complete an application and let us know you are up for working with us!


  1. Admin Support (general or specific Young Champion focus), minimum 5h a week (with the opportunity to increase hours as skills develop).
  2. Peer Facilitators / Community Liaison, ad-hock hours linked to project requirements.
  • Admin Support: £9.50 to £13 per hour,  See MWH Role description Admin Support for details.
  • Peer Facilitators / Community Liaisons: £11 to £15 per hour, see MWH Role description Community Liaison or  MWH Role description Peer Facilitator.
  • Rates of pay advertised are based on freelance contracts. Flexible and fixed employed contracts are likely progression for those who increase their workload with us. Rates of pay recognises any specialist skillset and level of mentoring support required.
  • Interviews to be held online January 2022 with an immediate start.
  • MWH Role Application form download HERE
  • The interview process will be supportive, inclusive and strengths-based and the panel will consist of Champions from Moray Wellbeing Hub – we are aware that it is possible those applying may have high anxiety around interviews.
  • Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC is a peer and values-led employer and contractor; we actively encourage applications from those facing barriers to employment.
  • We believe in assigning roles based on individual strengths and interests – so please let us know in which way you could see your skills fitting in – we are open to hear suggestions!


Volunteering opportunities:

  1. Community Connectors
  2. Admin Support
  3. Experteers
  4. Young Champions.

The Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC (MWH) sets out to improve wellbeing and mental health for Moray communities. We do this through using life experiences as a way of connecting and inspiring people to create change, in themselves and for others.

Volunteers are a vital component of what we do in delivering our community resource for others, but also as part of our commitment to employability, supporting people to gain experience and skills for meaningful employment. Many of our paid team members volunteer alongside their roles and those who volunteer with us frequently go on to become paid members of the team too.

See our Volunteer Policy for more details.


Community Connectors, minimum 3h a month: Matched with someone with shared interests, experiences of life challenges and experiencing a time of isolation or lower wellbeing, these Champions meet up regularly with their Community Requestor to support them to feel more connected. This could look like a chat and cuppa, walk in woods or attending a group together. Must hold or be free to undertake Peer2Peer training April/May 2021.


Admin Support, minimum 5h a week: This administrative role supports communications, record keeping and maintaining resources to deliver Moray Wellbeing Hub project objectives. Works as part of the administration team in a professional and reliable manner alongside paid and other volunteer members. In particular skills in event management, social media, website editing, personal assistant, finance are sought but training is available provided essential skills are met. Must hold or be free to undertake Peer2Peer training April/May 2021.


Young Champions, suggested 2h a month: Open to anyone under 25 in Moray, this group of Champions receive additional support to connect through our specific young person Community Liaison worker. Activity includes influencing local education and health practice such as in schools, college and CAMHS, contributing to Moray Wellbeing Hub developments with new project and campaign ideas and fundraising planning.


Experteer, minimum 4h per month: With expertise and experience in specialist professional skills, this pro-bono role builds the capacity of MWH to deliver the objectives of our social movement and enterprise. Working collectively to sense check and support the Directors through regular gatherings, Experteers undertake tasks that suit their skills, interests and resources.


Volunteering application process:

  1. Read the role description for your area of interest carefully.
  2. Complete the specific form to apply.
  3. Require support or want to chat about what role(s) are right for you? Get in touch for a friendly chat.

Some extra information…

Exploring employability as a tool to wellbeing: A key part of our exploration of what works for supporting wellbeing in Moray, includes creating employability opportunities in the gig economy and encouraging civic participation. We support people looking at the role of work differently and celebrating their own self-management and resilience as transferable and employable skills. This means we support and encourage applications from:

  1. community members ready to step into roles that include some paid hours who have been out of work for many years due to a variety of reasons.
  2. community members that are currently underemployed and work with other third sector or statutory partners that we could ‘share’ the skills of.

Commitment to reinvest in our social movement: We will resource existing skilled people working within our network of Champions and partner organisations with training and freelance hours where skills meet required standards and funds are available. Anyone from the community of Moray who shares our values is welcome to become a Champion and join the social movement at any time. This process is not designed to create exclusivity, but to recognise the talent pool already invested in our work and to encourage diversity in individuals joining us.

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