News: Scotland’s House of Care – highlighted in WHO breifing

Ewan News

The World Health Organization (WHO) has produced a practice brief on ‘continuity and coordination of care’ intended to support the implementation of the WHO framework on integrated person-centred health services.

This brief has mentioned Scotland’s House of Care Programme as a key example in collaborative planning of care and shared decision-making.

The WHO practice brief highlights eight key priorities for achieving greater continuity of care and care coordination:

  1. Continuity with a primary care professional
  2. Collaborative planning of care and shared decision-making
  3. Case management for people with complex needs
  4. Collocated services or a single point of access
  5. Transitional or intermediate care
  6. Comprehensive care along the entire pathway
  7. Technology to support continuity and care coordination
  8. Building workforce capability.

Read more on this story at the ALLIANCE website here.

Another story about the experience of implementing House of Care in Grampian can be read on the ALLIANCE website here: House of Care Grampian – Reflections


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