Reflection: Peer Trainer Development day 26th July 2017

Heidi Reflection

Earlier this year, as part of our Moray Wellness College, we trained a number of past attendees of WRAP and Living Life to the Full as peer trainers. These individuals are now growing as a team, working together to explore how the college could grow, what courses we should run and how to ensure that there is a high standard of quality.

As part of the participatory budgeting funding we were awarded earlier this year that focused on supporting the supporters, we can run development days and training for our trainers to help connect them and increase their confidence and skill to deliver in Moray.

The day was well attended with 11 of the peer trainer pool coming together for a morning of sharing and mutual support, practical exercises and a focus on reflective practice to help them build self-awareness as trainers.

You can now book courses run by our peer trainers on our Eventbrite page here. Each trainer will be mentored and supported, but each will be encouraged to develop their own styles and work in a pair with a fellow peer trainer to provide a diverse voice for those who attend courses.

  • Some quotes from the day” Great reconnection with people + refocussing on key concepts – really enjoyed it!
  • Great that fears could be acknowledged and addressed
  • Session built confidence to deliver the courses

Peer trainer Ailene, who attended the session, shared some of her reflections on the day:

I always feel safe and comfortable in this environment, as I have learned that everyone who attends the Moray Wellbeing Hub, are all there for the same purpose, which is to make a difference in the community and the areas that we all work or volunteer in.

The subject matter focused on Living Life to the Full and Wellness Recovery Action Plan – courses that each one of us has completed. Everyone participated to prepare us for the next step in the dynamics of how we address our own fears, hopes and abilities.

Unfortunately, my lack of voice that day left me having to listen to everything everyone had to say. I found this very liberating, as it taught me a lesson that I do not always need to say anything, others have similar thoughts and views to the ones I have, which has lead me to write this reflection this evening.

The day was eventful and interesting and I am now looking forward to the next part, where I can present a seminar for people who had or are having issues with their own mental health and are unable to alleviate the pain, anguish and anxiety that they are alone with, and have no outlet to suffice the nature of the problems that are affecting their lives to a greater of lesser degree.

I hope that as time goes on I accomplish the tasks in hand that will help me to grow and be more confident in the areas of my own life that would help me to help others.

I would like to thank Heidi, for her help and guidance today, I did have a lovely day, I am pleased that I did attend, and I look forward to the challenges that are in front of me. Thanks, Ailene.

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