CAMPAIGN: Moray GPs welcomed to work with patients in increasing access and confidence in local signposting.

Heidi Campaign

Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC is working on a project that needs the voice of local GPs. Working across Moray we are connecting with local practices exploring how GPs can gain confidence in supporting patients to connect with open-access mental health resources.

A key part of this is updating the Discover Pathways to Wellbeing in Moray online tool. Founded in 2018 as part of a project led by those with lived experiences of mental health challenges alongside GPs, the tool aims to be a simple interactive tool that supports members of the public, GP’s and other supporters to navigate the service options for wellbeing in Moray.

Much has changed since the tool first was launched and now a refresh is needed from a GP point of view, helping them have easy access on their devices in the practice and empowered to help shape the content further.

Project lead at Moray Wellbeing Hub  Jean Pryde is looking forward to connecting with GPs including those she knew through her previous role as a Link Worker. “Simple steps like having the Discover Pathways tool mounted on every GP’s desktop where it is easily accessible, ready to explore with people when they walk through their door, will make a big difference. GPs want trusted eveidence based resources to help people with their recovery and wellbeing, I’m really hopeful we can make a positive change to connect the dots together.”

The Discover Pathways tool is linked to Moray’s mental health strategy ‘Good Mental Health For All‘ via the Making Recovery Real in Moray Partnership and is centered around highlighting the CHIME framework  – Connection, Hope, Identity, Meaning Empowerment – as a simple way to help people explore the options available to them. This online tool enables and empowers individuals to make choices as to which path is best suited to them. Having the backup of the GPs support makes a big difference to this process, adding confidence from a medical perpective.

Over the coming months, we will be reaching out to all practices across Moray to raise awareness of the project. Jean is keen to chat to GPs and their support teams, but not to add pressure to existing heavy workloads. “We aim to find out what the GP’s require from the tool and support this going forward. I’ll be facilitating a listening exercise with GP’s alongside Champions with lived experience of mental health challenges first to see how the Discover Pathways tool is currently being used. We will then review this with our project action group, propose any changes, consult again.”

If you would like to get involved in this project as a GP or practice manager please contact us. If you are a community member keen to support the project we ask that you share this project with your GP friends and community members.  We will keep you updated as the project continues.

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