Living Life to the Full (LLTTF) –¬†FREE 8-week group courses

These relaxed, friendly and supportive courses help individuals to build change in their lives and create healthier habits toward wellbeing.

Using the Living Life to the Full booklets and resources created by Five Areas, which are also available online and for lending in Moray Libraries, this course adds to the learning experience by creating a supportive group environment.

LLTTF is a self-help CBT* based course that aims to give you the skills to gain better control of your life, feel less stressed and more able to cope with challenges. It’s delivered by our skilled peer-trainers – people who use LLTTF techniques themselves and are trained to support and inspire you to create change.

All course participants will receive their own set of workbooks to keep and all materials will be provided for sessions, including refreshments.

The course is:

  • Free
  • Requires booking in advance (which includes a simple application form).
  • Over 8 weeks – booking is for the full course and individual sessions can not be booked separately
  • Open to anyone over 16 – no specific experience required
  • NOT suitable for professional development – only for individuals attending to create change in their own lives


I’m keen to learn more about Living Life to The Full so I can help others, why can I not attend for professional development?

In order to create a supportive peer environment and make the best use of our funding, it is important that we offer places on our workshops to those who would most benefit directly.

However, previous participants have reported that making change in your own life can often inspire others to make change too. This ‘peer’ approach, inspiring others by your own actions and experiences, is what the Moray Wellbeing Hub is dedicated to promoting.

I don’t like application forms. Why do you need to ask these questions?

The application questions are not designed as a test, but by providing answers it helps us to support you in the workshop. It also shows that you are committed to the course by taking the time to apply. There is some written work in the course like putting ideas on post-it notes or filling in short sections of the workbooks. The style of the application questions helps to prepare you.

We don’t mind if you want to get a friend or supporter to help you complete the application, but we don’t accept referrals – we only offer course places to those who want to come, not those who are sent by someone else.

I’ve attended this course before, can I come along again?

If you have attended a workshop before we are happy to receive your application, but please be aware we try to balance those looking to revisit courses with the numbers of new people keen to attend. It is worth noting that we will be running shorter courses in the future as refreshers and have a monthly peer-support self-management group – sign up to our newsletter via our website to keep up to date.

*CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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