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Tuesday 18th June 2024 4-5pm

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ICON Families in Moray

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What is ICON Families Moray and why does it exist?

ICON FAMILIES MORAY are a group of people who meet online every six to eight weeks. Our members have a personal or professional interest in making a difference for neurodiverse families by sharing information, promoting wellbeing and raising awareness within the group.

The meetings are very friendly, relaxed and accessible to all as long as you have access to the internet, you just follow the link. (Moray Wellbeing Hub can offer support to get you digitally connected if this is a barrier to you. Please email and ask for digital support.)

The meetings provide updates on what is happening and discussion on how to move this project forward. If you have an interest in this you would be most welcome. (Times and dates of the next meeting are published at the top of this page).

Our aim is to share information and make connections. We hope that this can provide mutual support and to be better information for families and professionals working in this field.

Often there is an assumption that a neurodiverse condition implies mental health concerns or difficulty accessing opportunities that others may have. We know this is not always the case. We seek to actively promote opportunities and wellbeing for all.

 Recently the focus has been centred around the context of Autism but we would encourage participation from all neurodivergent, including neurotypical people, to better understand and support each other and our families.

We would love to hear from you whether you:

  • would like to share your experience
  • have a service or skill to offer
  • wish to ask for advice
  • add to the body of knowledge that we already have

We know how hard it is to have time and opportunity to share with others and we hope that this project will enable us to collaborate in a positive space.

Who are we?

Senior Educational Psychologist
Representing the Moray Council Educational Psychology Service (EPS). EPS support wellbeing, teaching and learning and social inclusion for all learners in Moray.  Working in partnership with education providers, other support services and families to meet need through roles such as training and consultation.

Aberlour Options
Aberlour Options Moray provides short break and residential services for children and young people with learning disabilities and autism.

The Moray Autism Service
Moray Autism Service (MAS) currently has two key roles:
1. MAS - The Enhanced Provision - This department is based in Elgin and provides Education for a small number of profoundly Autistic pupils with complex needs.
2. MAS - Support to schools – Accessed through the Moray Child Planning and a referral process, this service provides consultation and targeted programmes of support to individuals or groups to schools.

Moray Wellbeing Hub
Moray Wellbeing Hub hosts of social movement for the voice of lived experience of mental health challenges in Moray. Currently administer the partnership by maintaining this webpage as part of supporting communications. 

As one of Scotland's leading social care charities, we provide practical care and support for children, adults and families, challenging poverty and creating opportunities for positive change.

Latest News

Dates for your diary

Next ICON Meeting: please see above date for the most recent next meeting details.


Informing and Connecting Our Neurodivergent Families in Moray in person event:

Tuesday 7th May, 4pm - 5pm, UHI Moray, Elgin

Join us at our next in person meet up, we will provide a supportive informal space for you to drop in and chat to one of the current ICON members about existing peer and professional supports and our ideas for developing our network. More details and to reserve your free place click here


National Autistic Society

National Autistic Society offers information for people with Autism, including Asperger's Syndrome, aged 18 years and over. Call the national helpline to find out about local groups.

National Post Diagnostic Support Service
Autism Rights Group Highland, funded by the Scottish Government to provide two courses on an ongoing basis as part of the National Post Diagnostic Support Service. One course is available to autistic people (18+) who have received an autism diagnosis within the last five years. The other course is available to parents of autistic children (under 18) whose children have received their autism diagnosis within the last five years.

Creating change need not be a massive commitment, we can all make a difference with these small steps & top tips!


Include others as partners in your ideas, projects or service. Recognise the extra time as well as extra benefits to true coproduction.

Hope & optimism

Help celebrate what is happening already - share events, ideas and resources through word of mouth, flyers or online.


Consider your own mental health, visibly live CHIME, be authentic with others by asking for support.


Get involved making change that matters to you. Be proactive in campaigns, join a local forum, become a member.


Learn more about what works and is available for good mental health. Attend training and personal development to improve your skills.