Challenge stigma one bite at a time!

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Encouraging emotional wellbeing through tasty snacks!

Wellbeing is often on our minds, but we can feel challenged to talk about our thoughts and feelings due to the stigma surrounding mental health. The Moray Wellbeing Hub Popup Café aims to provide a delicious platform to raise awareness of mental health and challenge this
stigma, reminding all ages that everyone has mental health.

How can I help? We need your snacks!

These can be cakes and bakes of any kind, from raw foods to vegan, traditional cakes to savoury snacks. You can choose to decorate with your own ideas or leave plain and we will add our own messages with flags and decorations.

If you can volunteer some snacks please contact us, with a wee description of what you are making and to arrange pick up / drop off.

Can’t bake but want to get involved? Check out our website for details on becoming a champion or how to book us to visit your group, workplace or community.

Where does the money raised go? Our work focuses of improving choice and access to activities that improve mental health in Moray. This can be running wellbeing workshops, talks in schools, press campaigns or events, all delivered by our local champions individuals who have faced their own crisis or challenge in mental health and want to create change.

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