NEWS: Results of ‘Rise in the Cost of Living Survey’ in Moray

MWH Admin Team News

In June 2022 Moray Citizens Advice Bureau launched a ‘Rise in the Cost of Living Survey’ online which ran for 4 weeks and gathered 81 responses.

Results picked up include:-

  • Mental health result is alarming as over half of the people who responded to the survey say their mental health has been affected by the rise in the cost of living
  • Majority of people claimed they cannot sustain the rising costs
  • People appear to want lower prices in fuel, food and energy

Nearly 84% of respondents said they had used a food bank, or claimed government benefits in order to increase their income.

And nearly all those who completed the survey were worried about the increase in energy costs, food prices, and fuel costs, and the impact this was having on day-to-day life in Moray.

You can view the full results of the survey here

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