EVENT: North East Scotland Outdoor Learning Group Outdoor Learning, Sunday 28th August 2022, 9am-3:30pm

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In partnership with Friends of Blairs Loch, the training courses are aimed at all those involved in working, caring and volunteering in the mental health sector.

We aim to provide hands on training that develops skills, enhances knowledge, and aids professional development by connecting with nature and using natural resources in the outdoor environment. All courses are free at the point of delivery with funding received from Moray Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund (CMH&W Fund)

Workshop 5 : REHIS Accredited Campfire & Food Safety Course

Sunday 28th August 2022, 9am-3.30pm, Loch of Blairs, Stable Room, Altyre Estate

Top Carpark: What 3 Words – clown.richest.hopefully

Stable Room Carpark: What 3 Words – survived.makeup.opinion

Book by: Saturday 20th August (Max 12 places)

Contact Julia Mackay – julia.m4cay@gmail.com – 07427 952925

This workshop is accredited by Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) and has been designed for adults working outside and using the campfire to cook food for their client groups. The course is delivered by Lorna Ross, REHIS Trainer, Catherine Busson REHIS Trainer and Julia Mackay Forest School Trainer. On completion of the course you will receive a REHIS campfire & food safety certificate.

The course is delivered entirely outside (weather permitting) and includes a mix of hands-on campfire preparation & cooking, discussion, observation & 30-minute multiple choice exam, which covers the course content. Minimum total teaching time of 6 hours

An introduction to food hygiene, bacteria and their characteristics, the incidence of food poisoning and its prevention, safe purchase, storage and preparation of food, personal hygiene and working habits of the food handler, the working environment, cleaning and disinfection practices, common food pests and their control & risk assessment including HACCP

  • Please book by the date stated with the relevant course contact, giving your email address and phone number – mobile if possible, e.g., in case event cancelled at last minute due to weather/illness etc. – early booking is recommended since places are limited on most courses. If there are no places left, you can go on a waiting list.
  • Please inform the course contact ASAP if you need to cancel your booking, so your place can be offered to someone else. If you know someone (e.g. in your organisation) who can take your place, please tell the event contact. If you have to cancel at the last minute due to an emergency etc., please notify the event contact if possible.

More details available here NESOLG Training Programme

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