NEWS: Money Advice Moray offers help to those struggling financially

Money Advice Moray offers 3 vital services to those facing financial difficulty.

Money Advice – our Money Advisers can assist anyone who is struggling with debt, even if it is a single debt. They can discuss various options to help with this such as setting up repayment plans based on what the client can afford, discussing and helping with bankruptcy applications and in some situations, where clients cannot afford any repayments, requesting a hold on payments. To arrange an appointment with Money Advice clients should call 0300 123 4563

Income Maximisation – our Income Maximisation officers can offer a full benefit check to clients, assist them to complete benefit application forms and also discuss budgeting. To arrange an appointment the client should either call 0300 123 4563 or an adviser can complete a referral form with the client details and forward it to the email address on the form.

Welfare Benefits – our Welfare Benefits advisers can help clients to appeal any disability benefit decisions. They will contact client to discuss the client’s situation and will talk them through and assist them with the process of the appeal. To arrange an appointment please call 0300 123 4563