NEWS: Foraging & Wellbeing Walk Makes a Positive Difference

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Foraging for Wellbeing nourishes the body and mind.

Earlier in September, Dan Puplett, a conservationist and environmental educator, lead a group of Champions on a foraging and wellbeing walk round Marcassie Farm in Rafford. In partnership with Foraging Fortnight and funded by NatureScot, the free event was aimed specifically at those in recovery, needing support or facing challenges with their wellbeing.

Dan tells us more about the day, saying “I was delighted that seven people joined me for a Foraging & Wellbeing event on September afternoon. We had a relaxed stroll around Marcassie Farm in Rafford, exploring some of the many wild edible plants in the area. We covered some of their food uses, traditional applications (e.g. in herbal medicine) as well as their value for wildlife. As well as learning about foraging, a core theme was the value of getting into green spaces and connecting with nature as a way to support our mental and physical health.”

“To finish, we sat between the wildlife ponds and the trickling burn while sampling our wild tea, a blend of Douglas fir, ribwort plantain, Scots pine and more. It was a pleasure to be joined by the Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions, whose support, enthusiasm and engagement made a positive difference for all involved. I always find it’s worth remembering that when we engage our senses, even the most simple encounters with the natural world, can help support our sense of resilience and wellbeing.”

Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion, Tony said of the day, “Dan was very knowledgeable in the ways of the forager and what plants to seek out, and many of the participants were also very knowledgeable and it made the day that much more interesting and rewarding. Throughout the hunt Dan kept putting leaves and seeds from many plants into his flask of hot water (after explaining what he was doing it for) and at the end of the session we all sat around with Dan, chatting about what we had seen and learnt during the event. It was at this time that he got out the cups and we all had a sample of the “tea” he had made. I must say, surprisingly to me, it was not unacceptable and tasted OK but it won’t be my usual cup of “tea”!! I came away after two hours (which felt much shorter) knowing more than when I arrived so now I may not starve!!”

For more information about Dan, please visit his website

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