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Scot Gov: Minimum Income Guarantee?

A Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) is an assurance that no one will fall below a set income level that would allow them to live a dignified life. A MIG can be delivered through employment, targeted welfare payments and also through other types of support or services to be provided or subsidised by the state.

The Scottish Government is committed to commencing work in the current Parliament to provide a MIG for all, incorporating the idea of basic services, such as childcare or the NHS.

The Scottish Government has set up a MIG Steering Group, made up of experts and MSPs from different parties, to work on the delivery of a MIG in Scotland. The group will consider steps towards a MIG using existing powers held by the Scottish Parliament. 

Your ideas and comments from this dialogue will be shared with Scottish Government and the MIG Steering Group to inform how the MIG should be taken forward. There will be opportunities for further stakeholder engagement on MIG as the work of the Steering Group progresses, including with the public and with people with lived experience. 

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