NEWS: Support for Parents of Young People Who Self-harm

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A free resource, developed by the CEO’s of Youth Mental Health Foundation, to support parents and carers of young people who self harm.

Being the parent of a young person who self-harms is devastating and complex. You are most likely in one of the most painful and difficult periods of your life.

You’ll want to do everything possible to support your child through this crisis, but there’s a strong chance you are feeling:

  • SCARED of how this situation could escalate.
  • ANXIOUS about the future.
  • GUILTY about whether you could have prevented this.
  • ANGRY at how teachers and schools have let your child down.
  • OVERWHELMED and unsure how to move forward

This online course will guide you, the parent, to be stronger, calmer, more positive and better able to support your child.

It will help you understand what your child really needs from you at this moment. How you can best support them through this time.

Click here  to start the course

If you would like further information, then please contact The Youth Mental Health Foundation on email or phone 07588 792 474 or visit the website

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