CAMPAIGN: Seeking Young Champions in schools to receive & deliver specialised Mental Wellbeing training

Moray Wellbeing Hub, working with Developing the Young Workforce, have recently secured funding from MFR Cash for Kids to work alongside three Moray schools in a bid to boost the mental health of Young People and empower them with tools to support their peers. This comes at a critical time, returning to school and still processing the events of the last 1.5 years.

At first working with Milnes High School, Elgin High and Speyside High, we are looking for Young Champions to receive fun and interactive “My Big Life” training to increase confidence, support skills, strengths identification and emotional and mental wellbeing.

The Young Champions will then be supported to deliver a short session to their peers to share their knowledge and learning.

This is an amazing opportunity to develop self awareness and tools for wellbeing. The course will also give many transferable skills to boost employability and hours will contribute towards the Saltyre Award.

By the end of the project, MFR Kindness Cupboards will also be installed within the schools, containing tools and resources to help with mindfulness.

If you or your children attend one of these schools and would like to get involved, or if you have suggestions of what you would like to see in the kindness cupboards, please contact our Young Person Lead, Becky: becky@moraywellbeinghub.org.uk or 07921 536 684.