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NHS 24 – Developing Our Future Together

Work is underway to develop NHS 24’s Strategic Plan from 2022, shaping how we will provide health and care to the people of Scotland for the next three to five years. As with the rest of the NHS, NHS 24 must continually move forward so that we have a service fit for the future.

As part of this process we are seeking to ensure that all those who benefit from, and work in or alongside NHS 24, have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, experiences and insights.

NHS 24 has been providing health and care services in Scotland for over 20 years. The last 18 months have highlighted the great things health and care services across Scotland can achieve together.  NHS 24 is proud to have played a key part in supporting the needs of the people of Scotland during the pandemic and working with our partners with new ways of working to support; the national COVID response, changes to access and triage for urgent care and managing increased demand across all services especially mental health.

NHS 24 are keen to build on this solid foundation. It is important that we work with key stakeholders to consider what our future working arrangements will be, how that work will be carried out and where the work will take place.  This will help to improve national health and care services and advice for the people of Scotland.

We think that now is the time for NHS 24 to develop new vision and strategy going forward from April 2022. Work on this will commence over the summer months with an initial review of NHS 24’s vision and key strategic direction. Throughout the year we will be engaging and consulting on key aspects of our plan from key priorities to the shape of our final strategy and we very much welcome your involvement.

Please take the time to complete this short survey or find more information here.

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