SURVEY: Police Scotland’s Use of Body Worn Video – Public Consultation

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Police Scotland recently asked the public for their views on our Armed Police Officers using body worn video cameras to record certain incidents.

Almost 9,000 people took part in a national survey and the majority thought the use of body worn video cameras would increase trust and confidence in the police and make them feel safer.

The response was so positive, we are now considering giving these cameras to police officers and staff, in other roles across Scotland.

This means that cameras would be worn on their uniform to record what they see and hear in certain situations so everyone involved has a clearer picture of exactly what happened.

Once again, Police Scotland is asking the public for their views and has launched a national consultation which will run until 31st August 2021.

The consultation is an opportunity for the public to be part of an ongoing conversation to help shape the use of Body Worn Video cameras by police officers and staff when interacting with communities in Scotland.

Your views will help inform protocols, code of practice and training to ensure that things are done in an appropriate and proportionate way, each and every time.

Please take some time to take part in the national survey by visiting the Body Worn Video pages or using the link here.

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