NEWS: Research Participants Needed With Experience Of The Mental Health Tribunal

Edinburgh Napier University working on a comprehensive evaluation of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland.

Research staff at Edinburgh Napier University and Queens University Belfast are looking to recruit patients and named persons who have experience of the Mental Health Tribunal, ideally within the past 5 years, for online interviews.

The aim of the research is to investigate the views and experiences of patients, named persons, practitioners and tribunal members regarding the tribunal’s processes and outcomes. We are interested in whether the tribunal is operating in line with the rights based principles underpinning the law, such as participation, benefit, and non-discrimination, and whether the tribunal helps to ensure human rights standards are met.

The information will then be used to write a report of the findings and will include a full report and a shorter summary version. This will be widely distributed to patients, carerstribunal panel members, policy makers and practitioners. The results may also be used in conference presentations and in academic journals. All identifying information will remain confidential and anonymous throughout the research project and in any related publications.

For further information, please visit www.napier.ac.uk or www.nuffieldfoundation.org or contact Professor Jill Stavert on 0131 455 4553 or by emailing j.stavert@napier.ac.uk