NEWS: What Prevents Reoffending? Peer-led Research Looks For Answers

Listening and learning from experience: peer-research around Community Justice in Moray.

Families Outside, in partnership with Moray Wellbeing Hub, are currently doing peer-led research which focuses upon the key question; what keeps people out of prison/prevents reoffending?

We plan to capture the voices of people who have committed a crime; their family members/friends; victims of crime; professionals; and the wider community. We’ve completed the survey and are now analysing the information and discussing needs and future plans in a community justice focus group. If you are interested in joining this group, please email tini@moraywellbeinghub.org.uk

Linking in with this topic is a recently published report, where the Mental Welfare Commission expressed concerns about care and treatment of vulnerable women with mental ill health whilst in prison. The report also raises critical questions about missed opportunities with early intervention, pathways from prison to the community, and the revolving door of prison. You can find the report here. Whilst this particular report focussed on women within the prison system, men and young offenders can be just as vulnerable and at risk of re-offending.

We hope that the research we’re doing together with Families Outside will lead to Moray communities improving their understanding and participation in community justice, and enable effective interventions being delivered to prevent and reduce the risk of further offending.