NEWS: See Me Scotland Relaunches FeelsFM For Young People

MWH Admin Team News

FeelsFM was the world’s first emoji powered jukebox for mental health!

It’s okay to be up and it’s okay to be down, and it’s okay to let music do the talking. With even more yaldi and a bit of Lewis Capaldi, have totally updated FeelsFM, the world first emoji powered jukebox. They want young people to express their feelings and find new ways to talk about mental health stigma and discrimination.

See Me Scotland worked alongside their Young Champions and Studio Something  to update the platform, building on the amazing conversations between young people and partners of See Me Scotland.

It’s simple to use – visit and enter en emoji representing how you feel. FeelsFM will then generate a playlist to match your mood. Whilst listening, users will be asked their thoughts on what can make it easier, and harder, for young people when they’re struggling with their mental health.


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