NEWS: MFR Cash for Kids Grant – invitation to apply

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MFR Cash for Kid is a grant giving charity raising money throughout the year to give children in the Highlands, Moray and Aberdeenshire a brighter future.  Groups, charities and individuals can apply to them for funding.  They support children from birth to the age of 18 with their focus being on children who are unwell, living with a disability, additional needs, in poverty or those simply needing a little extra support in life.

Every application is looked over and judged individually.  They work closely with many charities and groups in the area including young carers, Women’s Aid and food banks to fund specific projects or support individual children and families they are working with.

They can fund basic essentials such as beds and bedding, school uniform or warm winter clothing.  Parents can also apply directly and they get many applications to purchase specialist pieces of equipment for children who are living with a disability.  Often these families have no where else to turn when they apply.

Applications are welcomed at any time throughout the year and are looked at three times each year.

Here is the link to their criteria and application process: Apply for a Cash for Kids Grant | Info – MFR (


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