EVENT: The Moray Business Women Transatlantic Challenge 2021 to help raise funds for Moray Wellbeing Hub, starting 1st April

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Moray Business Women are embarking on an epic journey!

A journey of nearly 7,000 miles!

A journey across the Atlantic to Canada and back!

Every year, Moray Business Women choose a Charity of the Year. For 2021, Moray Wellbeing Hub are their chosen charity. We are delighted to be helping support MBW in this endeavour!

Sign up now to join them!

Walking, running, cycling and swimming their way across the Atlantic!

On the 1st April, members of the Moray Business Women, along with friends and family, will set out on a virtual team journey from Elgin in Moray, Scotland to Elgin, in Ontario, Canada and back again, a total distance of around 6,777 miles.

The group will undertake the journey using the app, My Virtual Mission. The combined mileage will be tracked as a team effort, and is expected to take around three months, depending on how many participants sign up.


There’s a well-established link between exercise and mental wellbeing, but many people report feeling less motivated to be active over the past year.

The goal, therefore, is to get as many people as possible active and moving. Running, walking, rowing, cycling, swimming, however individuals choose to participate, every effort counts!

We’re all in it together, it’s a team effort, supporting each other! We’ll celebrate consistency, smashing your own goals and fundraising efforts!

We’re setting up a group fundraising page, get your friends and family to support your efforts and help raise funds to support mental health in Moray.

Please donate if you can, by going to our JustGiving page.

Why Canada?

There are around 50 Elgins around the world, but the Ontario Elgin has been chosen as it also has a women’s business group.

We’re delighted to have connected with Elgin Business Women’s Network in Ontario, and are planning to share a virtual celebration when we reach their end. Some of their members may even join us along the way!

What’s involved?

The challenge is open to everyone! Members and non-members, and their families and friends. We’re using the My Virtual Mission app to track our progress.

To sign up, please click here.

Entry costs just £20 for adults, £10 for a child.

All participants will need to create an account and join the MBW Transatlantic Challenge mission.

Please request to join the MBW team and help support Moray Wellbeing Hub.

Any questions, please email: charity@mbwc.org.uk

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