RESOURCE: How you can enhance and calm you mind/body connection

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Thanks to Age Scotland for this fascinating read on how the mind and body really are connected!

Connecting the mind and body is the vagus nerveĀ – the longest nerve in the body – also known as “the wanderer” or “the vagabond”.

It stretches all the way from the brain to the stomach and is the reason why we can feel butterflies in our stomach when we are stressed or anxious.

Because it comes quite close to the skin’s surface behind the ears, it can be incredibly soothing to gently massage this area. Some of you will know this if you have ever had a head massage.

It is also connected to your vocal chords – again why your voice can give away your feelings.

Humming is the recommended solution to calming your voice. It causes you to breath more deeply and evenly, which has a knock-on effect to how you are feeling.

This, by the way, is also why wild swimming or cold showers are effective for managing stress and depression – that glorious deep breath you take from shock when swimming in the sea is a wonderful reset to your nervous system.

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