NEWS: Report published on New Craigs Hospital, Inverness

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Last month, the Mental Welfare Commission published their visit report, to a ward for people with a learning disability at New Craigs Hospital, Inverness.

The report highlights positive and negative findings from the Commission’s visit and makes five recommendations for change. The Commission asks for responses to each of its recommendations within three months of the report being published.

Claire Lamza, interim executive director, Mental Welfare Commission, said: 

“We are carefully reintroducing our visits on an announced basis given the challenges of the pandemic. As well as looking at our ongoing areas of interest we are seeking to understand how services are coping with pandemic restrictions, and how those restrictions are affecting individuals and visitors.“By publishing our reports we hope to help share good practice where we find it, and call for change where services are lacking.” 

You can read their whole report – just click here.

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