SURVEY: Lockdown Lowdown: the next phase, have your say & take part in Scottish Youth Parliament Focus Groups

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Lockdown Lowdown: the next phase, have your say

Earlier in 2020, the Scottish Youth Parliament, Young Scot and Youthlink Scotland ran a national survey called Lockdown Lowdown. This survey received over 2.5k responses from young people across Scotland in an effort to find out what the key issues of COVID19 and the lockdown were having on young people.

Now, we are entering the second phase of Lockdown Lowdown. The Scottish Government have asked the Scottish Youth Parliament to gather the views and opinions of Scotland’s young people about the impact that the pandemic is having on their lives. Please fill out this survey a share with your peers and on social media – and make sure your voices are included too!

Results will ensure young people have a say in The Scottish Governments response to COVID19. Please share with young people you know & support!➡️

Focus Groups 

SYP is also running a series of focus groups, alongside the national survey which gives the opportunity to delve deep in to the issues that are affecting young people right now and directly report back to the Scottish Government, they are specifically looking to speak to young people from the following groups:

  • BAME young people (Thursday 8th October at 4:30pm)
  • Young people who have a disability (Thursday 15th October at 4:30pm)
  • Care experienced young people (Monday 19th October at 4:30)
  • Young people with experience of the criminal justice system (Thursday 29th October at 4:30)
  • Young Carers (Date TBC, if you are interested in this group please select from via the link below and more details will follow)

They are really keen to speak to you about your experiences and help inform the government about how COVID 19 is impacting your life. The themes that we are looking at include:

  • Impact on education.
  • Impact on family and relationships
  • Impact on your life.
  • Impact on jobs and the economy.
  • Access to information.

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up via this link:

The focus groups will take place over zoom in October 2020. They may be able to support you to take part by giving you a phone top up or a voucher for taking part. If you would struggle to take part due to, or don’t have access to technology please get in touch with them and they will do their best to help you to participate.

If you have any questions about participating or about the project, please email Jamie Dunlop,

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