REFLECTION: MWH suicide training inspired poem from participant

Last week was suicide prevention week. As part of this, we ran training in SIPP – Suicide Intervention Prevention Planning. It was the first of these courses to run online and we were delighted to receive positive feedback from participants.

One participant was inspired to write a poem as a result of attending. Thanks to them for allowing us to share this with you here. If you have any feedback on this, we would love to pass it on.

Dear little one, 
Now I understand your pain, the fear you held within you that you wanted to go away.
I wish I could have been there to wrap my arms round you.
But you saved yourself that night my dear and then you grew and grew.
Now you share your story with yourself each and every day.
You share your story with others and walk beside them along the way.
That night you lived for other because deep down you knew they cared.
They could not see the pain you felt or you terrified and scared.
But in the darkness they gave you hope ever so small.
So in the darkness that surrounded you a light began to grow. 
Dear little one, now I understand your pain for you once were I and now when the darkness comes you are my reason to survive.
Your courage and your hope to keep holding on.
Those horrible thoughts and feeling will eventually move on.
So you are the light I hold in my darkest times.
For even though you are scared, it’s your bravery that shines.