NEWS: The Virtual Dementia Tour coming to Elgin in addition to the Autism Reality Experience

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Thanks to Quarriers Carers Service in Elgin for making us aware of this opportunity. Please note there are costs involved.


great way to gain insight into the reality of living with dementia and/or autism! 

After the success of last year,  the Virtual Dementia Tour is coming back to Elgin in addition to the Autism Reality Experience. This opportunity is available to local professionals as well as unpaid carers.  Please be advised the safety of participants is paramount and every effort has been taken to comply with current health and hygiene regulations so that all attending are kept safe and sound.


The Autism Reality Experience is an innovative, immersive, hands on training developed to give non-autistic people an experience of the sensory processing difficulties faced by those on the autism spectrum.  It really is as true to life as currently possible and is changing the landscape of understanding Autism.

Already commissioned by the NHS, Care Providers, Universities and Colleges, Prisons, Police, Ambulance, Schools, Families and many more, the Autism Reality Experience continues to develop and give a greater empathy and understanding.

There is no better way of gaining awareness than walking in their shoes, understanding the daily issues they face and recognising that these are often caused by our lack of knowledge from their point of view.

For more information have a look at the following link:

ARE – 29 September

1330 – 1530 hrs

1430 – 1630 hrs


This worldwide, scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like, allows delegates to enter the world of the person and understand which simple changes need to be made to their practice and environment to really improve lives of people with dementia.

The Virtual Dementia Tour has now been proven during research produced by Ulster University to change practice within 95% of delegates, improve knowledge in 97% of delegates and improve outcomes for 100% of clients.

It is quickly becoming the UKs leading training for people who come into direct or indirect contact with people with dementia.

For more information have a look at the following link:

VDT – 27 October

0930 – 1130 hrs

1030 – 1230 hrs

1330 – 1530 hrs

1430 – 1630 hr


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