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Project #REMIX by Findhorn Bay Arts

Remix is a digital music making and sound production programme aimed at people aged 16 to 21 years living in Moray. Funded through the Youth Music Initiative, the project supports young people to develop music making skills, engage within a multi-media context and produce new original work.

A key aspect of the project is enabling participants to explore where their musical interests lie through a flexible, empowering approach and dialogue that builds self-belief and the confidence to take risks and experiment.

Remix will offer participants an opportunity to engage in music making initiatives in collaboration with professional practitioners through a range of activities including: digital music making and sound production; sound for moving image and film; music video making; using Logic Pro and Abelton Live; crating original music composition; and, live performance.

Findhorn Bay Arts will deliver the project in 3 phases:

1. A series of short introductory videos, delivered by Moray Music Makers introducing young
musicians to a range of different skills and ideas as a fun and inspiring intro to the project.

2. Over 6 weeks a group of 10-15 music makers from Moray will meet online, get to know each other, share their work and skills, and create at least one collaborative track.

3. This final phase will be co-designed with the participants and we envisage that it will include 1-1 support, mentoring, work experience pathways, collaborative creative sessions and much more.

FREE online film presentations by professional Moray Music Makers- are running this week: every night at 5pm!

Watch Live Here

Following these screenings, a FREE online workshop programme for people aged 16 to 21 years living in Moray will commence in August.

For more information about the project and signing up visit the website here.


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