Resource: Safer Internet Day, 11th February

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Safer Internet Day: managing online identity

This year’s Safer Internet Day on 11 February encourages young people to explore how they manage their online identity, and how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others.

If you’re getting involved, you can download educator and parent and carers packs from UK Safer Internet Centre’s website.

5 resources you can use this Safer Internet Day:

  1. Jessie & Friends – our 4-7s resource (episode 3) explores personal information and why it’s important not to share this with people you don’t know
  1. Band Runner – our fun game for 8-10s puts children’s knowledge to the test by asking them to help characters make safe choices online
  1. Thinkuknow Toolkit – use our toolkit with 11-18s to explore the concept of online identity and relationships
  1. Parents and carers presentations – Use our presentation for parents to help them understand the behaviour of children and young people online, and the resources they can use to support their child
  1. Having a positive digital footprint (Parent Info)   share top tips with parents and carers on how they can help their child create a positive digital footprint and make their online presence work for them

Likes, loves and shares: their impact on wellbeing

No doubt you’ve heard in the news that Instagram is trialling hiding the number of users who’ve liked a photo in an effort to remove pressure and create a less stressful online experience.

In this new blog post from read about what you can do to help reduce the impact of the number of likes, loves and shares on young people, and the resources available to support you in doing this.

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