Reflection: ‘Young Healthwatch’ presentation from Morgana at tsiMORAY health & wellbeing forum

Heidi Reflection

The tisMORAY hosted health & wellbeing forum is a great place for ideas and networking. Today we were delighted to hear from Morgana, a young person who had been involved in the project ‘Young Healthwatch’ in Northamptonshire.

This project is a kind of collective advocacy project of young people 11-25 to get their voice across in how health matters are delivered and planned. “It was a way for us to communicate to adults to get our message across.” Most of the people who were part of this had an interest in going into medical professions.

She is keen to start the idea to create a type of ‘Young Healthwatch’ in Scotland. She shared examples of the work they did such as working with rappers and robots in a national event to explore mental health, and ‘scroll free September’ where people focused on friends rather than screen time. She was keen to create something that could support research, take part in events, health promotion and much more.

It was fantastic to hear her speak confidently on a subject she was so passionate about and inspired folk attending. There were some good questions that showed her strong knowledge of the medical systems and inspired those there to take a similar approach. It was a great idea to link in the young people of Moray to care more about health and social care and to support them toward careers related.

If you would be interested in working on a similar project in Moray then get in touch with Moray Wellbeing Hub and we will do our best to support creating such a group or linking to existing resources.

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