Reflections: Random Acts Of Kindness at Elgin City Footbal match 18th February 2017

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Five Moray Wellbeing Hub Champions went along on Saturday to Elgin City Football Club as part of 52 weeks of Kindness, promoted by breathing space. They attended with buckets, t-shirts and Random Acts of Kindness slips for those attending, and handed these out to over 200 people.


  • The Champions spoke to many supporters from both clubs. Most people wanted to give them money and tried to put it in their buckets, but all champions were able to direct this with some key phrases they developed¬† – “we aren’t accepting money, but as a gesture of good will, take a piece of paper and give an act of kindness to somebody” or if they were confused and added in “instead of putting money into our bucket, maybe you could offer somebody a Bovril or pie as an act of kindness”.
  • Champions had lots of conversations related to mental health, and great banter.
  • The event gave our champions the chance to chat with each other and feel part of our team – actively making change for the better in their community.
  • Hundreds of fans were issued with the awareness, it was received very well and they really did respect the Champions being there.

Things to work on for the future:

  • Use of buckets: As most people use these for fundraising perhaps this needs to be reflected on. What can be used to make this clearer and prevent embarrassment and confusion?
Closing point from one Champion:

“In summary, football events are brilliant for raising awareness.”

If you have an event that supports mental health and you would like volunteers to help out, just get in touch with us.

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