Resource: IRISS – The power of embracing risk

Risk is something that we at the Moray Wellbeing Hub are very interested in. Being able to take risk, to try new things and to change if we wish, is important for everyone’s wellbeing. IRISS have produced a new reflection on this that provides an interesting starting point to explore the issues around risk.

‘…risk is not an experience unique to people who access support, but a universal part of decision-making and human experience.’

Information from IRISS:
New to our series is Iriss¬†On…Risk, which¬†intends to provoke a conversation about the power of embracing risk as a natural part of decision making, and the complexity of sharing risk between professionals and people who access support.

It questions how well we each understand our own personal and organisational tolerance to risk, and what role our values and emotions play in it.