Resource: ‘dartboard’ tool for WRAP

Heidi Uncategorized

Thank you to Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion Andy for suggesting his version of the ‘dartboard’ exercise we tried at a WRAP catch up earlier this month.

” I couldn’t help but try and think of another way to do the target / dartboard exercise, a way which appealed to my sense of order and simplicity… I’ve attached a sketch/dial with my views… basically each 12th of the clock face could be a WRAP heading (there were conveniently 12 used last night ). Not sure if it would help or hinder with people applying their own ‘scores’ but it would definitely help with the overall analysis. It could also be used with different shapes (allocated to a person) so it could be done without a need for colour”.

If you have a tool that helps you reflect on your self-management and you would like to share it, please get in touch.

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