Wellness College – Family WRAP

WRAP, Wellness Resilience & recovery Action Planning, is an international wellbeing tool that has been used successfully in Moray for the last three years. It is a powerful tool for helping family members to understand their relationships in terms of love, hope and peace.

In Winter/Spring 2018 we are running a pilot project to explore how families in Moray could benefit from WRAP approaches in creative and fun ways, supporting recovery of family mental health and wellbeing.

We wish to support family members of all ages and experiences to:

  • renew their relationships
  • encourage families to set up plans for a hopeful future as well as for unforeseen crisis.

If you are interested to find out more, either as a community member who works with families or as a family member who might want to get involved, please contact us.


Project background:

Our 2017/18 pilot project ‘Peace Loving Moray: Wellness Recovery Action Planning for Families’ is funded by YouChoose participatory funding.

Our project focuses on supporting the wellbeing of families to have better skills in communication, connection and sense of control by giving them a grounding in WRAP (Wellbeing Recovery Action Planning). The aim is to improve resilience, recovery and wellbeing in families as a unit, decreasing conflict and unhelpful coping strategies, increasing a sense of connection and understanding.

Previously, individuals attending the courses run by the Moray WRAP Facilitators Group, in partnership with the Scottish Recovery Network and the Moray Health and Social Care (Council and NHS), have reported a greater sense of hope for the future, being more able to speak up for themselves and an increased sense of wellbeing.

In other areas WRAP has been used successfully with groups, young people and even businesses to prevent crisis and increase communication. We want to trial an approach with a small group of families and from this gather information about what works in Moray toward future projects as well as enthuse a wider range of people to help create change locally for themselves and others.

Read more about WRAP here.