Want to create change?
Want to use your life experiences to help others?
Want to learn more about wellbeing and how to support it?
Then sign up and become a Champion!

What is a Champion?
Someone who has experienced mental health challenges or crisis in their life and wants to support the Wellbeing Hub Project by taking action. We focus on strengths not labels. This means our champions will include a mix of people with differing lifestyles, employment statuses, ages, backgrounds, interest and ongoing health challenges. Some will do small actions, some larger – all are important.

What level of commitment is expected?
This is up to you, but is based on the principle of personal responsibility –  if you are unable to do something then just let us know, it’s all about communication. All champions will juggle life commitments alongside managing resources such as our time, health or skills. Some will have more than others, but all contributions are valued and useful.

What could I gain from being involved?
Training in recognised courses and qualifications
Improved networks and social circles
Sense of giving back and improving our local area
Ability to challenge stigma and create a collective voice for mental health
New ideas for future life direction
Feeing supported and better able to support others.

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