Covid-19 Responce, last updated 20th May 2020

Below are service updates for all organisations mentioned in the pathway who have changes. Please get in contact if you wish to update this information.

tsiMORAY COVID-19 Community Database

Explore all the services designed to support you and your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Information on this portal will be routinely updated – access the database here or search for tsiMORAY.

For health information please refer to the latest NHS guidelines.


Grampian psychological resilience hub

Grampian psychological resilience hubs role is to help you if you are experiencing distress. They offer some tips and techniques that can help and offer guidance and support by phone or virtual appointment. They can offer a few appointments to help you through this difficult time so you feel more able to cope.
 Search online or click this link.


Mental Health & Wellness Centre

Due to concerns about Coronavirus and the nationwide lockdown the Mental Health and Wellness Centre is currently closed for walk-in access. However, we are still able to provide a telephone-based support. Like everyone we are trying to adapt and find new ways of working to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of the people of Moray. It is our hope, that we will start delivering virtual workshops and support sessions shortly.

If you have a general enquiry or would like to access our 1st Response Service please call us on 0800 234 3490. Staff are currently available Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 5.00pm, alternatively you can email us at


Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC

Peer-support group and 1-2-1 opportunities continue during lockdown, now offered over the phone and online.

Regular online support groups for wellbeing (inc weekday lunchtime informal support over zoom), online wellbeing courses (including creative and CBT based), support from peers for people with challenges connecting using technology, opportunities to join social movement and plan further activity to respond to COVID19 crisis


Quarriers Carers Support

Quarriers Carer Support Service is available to support all unpaid carers during this Covid 19 pandemic.  We are able to speak to carers either by phone, text or zoom providing emotional support but also where required, the opportunity to signpost for additional support.

  • We are also holding our usual monthly carers café via zoom and these are advertised on our Facebook page.
  • We have also advertised through Facebook and emails to carers additional group chats, to allow carers the opportunity to speak to other carers experiencing the same challenges at this time.
  • We are also doing some work with our young carers around projects to do while they are at home including an art project and coming up a Lego challenge!
  • For our adult carers, the opportunity to speak to one of our Family Wellbeing Workers, lets them know that they are not alone at this time.


Circles Advocacy

Mon- Friday, currently offering phone/social media contact to support people with most conditions eg LD, Mental Ill Health, Drug and Alcohol, etc. During this time of active COVID-19 restrictions, we have extended our remit to any situation which may be supported with advocacy to reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible.