Survey: Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights – Your views needed

Ewan Survey

Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP) would like to hear everyone’s views about human rights. They are particularly interested in hearing from young people (aged under 25), older people (aged over 65), members of the refugee community, members of the Gypsy/Traveller community, disabled people, people living in rural Scotland, and unemployed people. Scotland’s first National Action Plan on Human Rights (SNAP) was launched four years ago. It set out an ambitious plan of actions to achieve a Scotland where everyone’s rights are real. An independent evaluation of SNAP’s first four years will be published in the spring of …

Survey: Mental Health First Aid developers request more input from professionals and carers

Heidi Survey

Mental Health First Aid developers in Australia are looking for carers and professionals working in mental health to complete a short feedback on the course to help improve it. The course is licenced here in Scotland by Health Scotland and is delivered over two days. If you can help, please contact Kathy Bond directly; We are still recruiting people for this research, particularly people with professional and carer expertise. If you know of anyone who might be interested please let them know about the study and give them my email address ( If you are interested in attending a SMHFA …

Survey: Public Life Matters 2017 – New Questionnaire: How do people with mental health issues get involved in the community?

Ewan Highlights, Survey

VOX Scotland need your help in answering some important questions: Do people with lived experience of mental illness want to become more involved in their communities? If so, in what roles? And do you feel there is anything getting in the way of their doing so? When we talk about “getting involved in the public life of your community” we mean either in an employed capacity or as a volunteer. It could be anything from joining the board of your children’s school to helping out at a local charity or community group. It might mean getting involved in politics by helping …

Survey: Your Research Ethics Committee Needs You!

Ewan Survey

The NHS needs research so that it can provide care and services shown to benefit the public. The Research Ethics Committees ensure that the rights, safety and well-being of research participants are protected and that research carried is of relevance to service users. The committees are comprised of lay people, current or retired health and social care professionals and researchers. This wide range of backgrounds and the training delivered by the Health Research Authority enables the committees to provide advice, guidance and approvals for researchers. So if you have an interest in protecting individuals, health research, and improving services, please …

Survey: Would you like to take part in a Patient and Public Involvement Group?

Heidi Survey

Would you like to take part in a Patient and Public Involvement Group? The University of Stirling are looking for participants who have experience of a health condition or illness, or experience of using health or social care services; those who have a loved one or family member who has had a health condition or illness, or has used health or social care services; those who work in health or social care services, and anyone else with an interest in health and behaviour-related research. If you are interested, please click on the link below for more details and details of …

Survey: Are You a Long Term User of Antidepressants?

Ewan Survey

The Guardian have a survey online at the moment aimed at finding out more about the long-term effects of using antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRRIs).  If this is something that you have experience of and you are willing to share (this can be anonymous) then the survey can be accessed using this link: Guardian Anti-Depressant Survey

Survey: ‘Asking the right questions’ project

Heidi Survey

This is not a Moray Wellbeing Hub survey. If you have any questions about the project please contact the organisers directly. How can technology help people with mental health problems? Online support groups, smartphone apps, computer games, virtual reality, virtual therapists, robots….so many big emerging ideas about how digital technology can be used for mental health. But what’s the best way to use the technology? The ‘Asking the right questions’ project aims to decide on the top 10 most pressing questions about digital technology for mental health and share these with researchers so that future research targets these priorities. To …

Survey: Have your say on how integration of health and social care is working.

Heidi Survey

Integration Authorities Consultation – A general call for written evidence was issued on Monday 13 February seeking views from patient and carers representatives, NHS and social care staff, third sector organisations by the 8th of March asking: Do you know how and when you can get involved with the Integration Authorities to influence decision making? Were you consulted in the preparation of the strategic plans or involved with the work of the Strategic Planning Group? Have you been involved with the work of the Integration Authority following the publication of the strategic plan? Have you been involved with the work …