The Moray Wellbeing Hub started life in March 2016 as a project, hosted by Moxie Media C.I.C. and funded by the ALLIANCE and See Me, and is now a social enterprise (the evaluation and report for this first year is availible here). However, the idea for a central hub, where people can access training and resources led by those who have experienced similar challenges, has been growing in Moray since 2013 when the first WRAP workshop was delivered. Since then people from a wide range of life experiences have worked together, people we currently refer to as Champions, as a collective to gather ideas and evidence and making the hub a reality.

Our work:

The Moray Wellbeing Hub project aims to create new community and virtual spaces that welcome everyone to live more mentally healthy lives. To do this we work to empower individuals to use their life experiences to better understand and self-manage their wellbeing but also provide support for others.

Examples of our current projects include running self-management workshops, seeding peer-support groups and working alongside service providers in health and social care to better promote the concept of recovery.

We believe in:

Tackling stigma, including self-stigma.
Empowering individuals to create the change they want to see
Focusing on strengths, not illnesses & problems.
Combining personal experiences with research & local resources.
Increasing access & awareness of peer-support & self-management tools.
Supporting partnerships between supporters & those in need of support.