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Small pilot scheme from Forres Jobcentre Plus for the next 9 months:

The pilot has been set up in 31 sites across the UK with the intention of testing improved engagement for those in receipt of ESA or UC to offer support they might not currently be aware of. This campaign is specifically targeted at their customers who, because of their health condition or disability, are not required to attend any mandatory interviews in the jobcentre.

Whilst customers in the ESA Support Group or UC Limited Capability for Work and Work Related Activity can access voluntarily support, historically engagement with this group has been low other than being assessed for benefit entitlement.  Evidence from recent research suggests that a proportion of this customer group want to work and would welcome support but they are not aware of the support the jobcentre can provide.

This pilot aims to achieve:

  • an increase in meaningful and engaging conversations with customers.
  • Increase engagement to help customers manage their health conditions (through signposting to support) and/or move them closer to work.
  • whether our offers of support are relevant to the customer and to identify any gaps in that support.
  • Our work coaches will explore the customer’s strengths and aspirations, offering the most appropriate form of support and follow up appointments if required either face to face or over the phone
  • This  support will be offered on an entirely voluntary basis with no pressure on individuals to participate.

Customers are encouraged to contact them either by ringing the dedicated telephone number or e-mailing here.  The Customer will be offered a Work Coach to discuss the most appropriate form of support and follow up appointments if required. In particularly complex cases, this may require a referral to the Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) or DWP’s work psychologist.

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