Survey: Eating Disorder Surveys, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

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Eating disorder surveys

The Mental Welfare Commission is currently reviewing the care and treatment of people with eating disorders in Scotland.

In recent months they carried out a series of visits to wards and community services to look at the care and treatment of people with an eating disorder, and met with patients and families/carers.

Now they are keen to hear from those they did not get to meet on these visits, including GPs, psychiatrists, dietitians, those providing psychological therapies, and individuals and families.

The Commission has produced six surveys, one tailored for each of these groups, and would ask all those with an interest to give us their views, and share the surveys more widely.

Please see the surveys below:

These surveys should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Any information you give will be confidential and anonymised.

If you have already met with someone from the Commission, or completed a questionnaire, please do not complete this survey.

The final report is due for publication in 2020.

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