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Make Autism Visible (MAV) is a group run by adults with autism to raise awareness about autism and organise activities for adults with autism.

MAV has six groups for anyone over the age of 16* who has autism, formally or self diagnosed, and anyone who is a member of MAV can attend.

To become a member, please contact MAV through their e-mail address and they will send you a membership form. There is no charge for becoming a member but there may be a cost associated with some of the groups. For more information, please contact the group organiser.

Walking Group – Meets every Thursday morning. First and third Thursdays in Forres, second and fourth Thursday in Elgin. Contact Steve Coomber, Paths for All, for more information.

Lunch Group – Meets first Monday of the month. Time and venues change. Contact Cameron Welsh, for more information.

Ladies Group – Meets first Thursday of the month at the TSI Office, High Street, Elgin from 2-3pm. Contact Heidi Sands, for more information.

Games Group – Meets at Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin from 2-4pm. Contact Margaret Small, for more information.

Cinema Group – Meets last Monday of the month. Times change dependant on film. Contact Kristopher Stroud, for more information.

Book Group – Meets second Friday of the month at Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin from 11-12 noon. Contact Susan Butts, for more information.


MAV e-mail they will answer any queries as quickly as  possible.

WebpageThe webpage is inaccurate. They have attempted to have it taken down but have been unable to. Please do not use it as a source of information. E-mail on the above address or join their Facebook group. They apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Facebook – MAV operate a closed Facebook page. If you would like to join, please contact MAV via the Facebook page.

*If you are 16 and 17 years old, and wish to attend the Lunch, Cinema, Book or Games Group, you must bring someone with you who is over the age of 18.

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