News: #YOUCHOOSE4 online vote open via tsiMoray

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On Friday 22 November around 50 community groups gathered to showcase their projects and launch a public vote to decide which ideas will receive a share of £40K. Now the online vote for #YOUCHOOSE4 is officially open.

It’s now up to you to choose which of the 50 local community projects will get the money needed to bring them to life.

Champions of Moray Wellbeing Hub (individuals who have faced life challenges and want to create change using this experience) have 5 projects in for the funding.

We hope people will vote for their favourite projects, but our Champions would appreciate your votes, you can read more on these projects via the ‘Project Brochure

  1. Body positivity– project Lead by Tini
  2. ‘Outdoor ‘Write to Recovery’ group – project lead by Donna
  3. “Create”- Project lead by Michael
  4. “Strands of Identity” – project lead by Fiona
  5. Textile for Mental Health & Wellbeing – project lead by Fiona

Everyone who wants to vote has to fill out and submit a ‘Voting Registration Form’, which is available via the tsiMoray website. Once your form is submitted you’ll receive a unique voting link from D21 (voting platform) via email.

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