Survey: Adult Learning Survey from Scottish Government, November 2019

MWH Admin Team Survey

The Adult Learning survey from the Scottish Government is now open and they would like your help to encourage adult learners to complete the survey.

Adults in Scotland are invited to complete the survey about where they learn, why they learn, when they learn and how their learning experience could be improved.

Access the Adult Learning survey via the following link:

The survey is designed to capture the views of all adult learners but they are especially interested in hearing from those who have faced barriers whilst trying to access and progress through learning. We are also very interested in hearing from adults who are uncertain about their learning journey.

The survey is being conducted by the Scottish Government in partnership with Education Scotland and the CLD Standards Council.

The information from the survey will be used to develop the Adult Learning Strategy for Scotland.

The survey is estimated to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete and will remain live until the end of November.

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