News: Success for Finnish carers using CHIME in ‘Caregivers path to empowerment’ project

Heidi News

”Through peer support I found new fulfilment in life.” – caregiver

CHIME (Connectedness, Hope, Identity. Meaning and Empowerment) is an aide memoir we use frequently at Moray Wellbeing Hub. It helps us explore if our work is being effective to those who need support and is based on research around what works for recovering wellbeing. What really helps get the word out around using this great tool is when you can see examples where it worked well.

Locally we have used this with tsiMORAY around the participatory budgeting process ‘YouChoose’ to ensure people from a diverse background were engaged as well as the outcomes of the work were easy for folk to measure.

We wanted to share this great example of it being used with carers in Finland to empower their voice around their pivotal role in support.

“I’m valuable the way I am, despite my problems.” – caregiver

The full story is here on the Scottish Recovery Network website – plus they have lots more information on CHIME. If you are a group or organisation who would like to use CHIME to help you be more inclusive and recovery focused, just get in touch with ourselves or the SRN.

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