NEWS: Circles Advocacy Service expansion to provide Drug and Alcohol Advocacy Support

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The Circles Advocacy Service is now offering advocacy support to vulnerable adults who fall into the remit of Drugs and Alcohol.

Whether you support a child or a vulnerable adult and know that they, or someone in their life who has drug and alcohol problems, such as a parent or partner, they can benefit from advocacy support to get help in Health and Social Care.

The support available to individuals:

  • Have a say about the services they receive
  • Help to understand their rights
  • Get the right information to help them make choices
  • Help them to raise issues they are worried about
  • Help to safeguard those people who are in vulnerable situations

It also includes support to communicate with agencies, such as Mental Health Tribunals, Meetings, Reviews, CPAs and legal proceedings related to Health and Social Care.

The Circles Advocacy Service are able to offer an informal presentation or talk on what they can offer regarding this new remit.¬† If you’d like them to come talk with your service please get in touch with them and they will be happy to come and share how they can help support individuals who may benefit from advocacy with Drug and Alcohol issues.

For their leaflet, click here.

The Circles Advocacy Service (Moray) Contact details:
Telephone: 01343 559546

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