Reflection: Experience of outreach, a Champion perspective

Heidi Reflection

Our Champions frequently volunteer at stalls and events to help challenge stigma and increase hope in others. Using their life experiences and peer-values, they chat, laugh and sometimes cry with fellow humans out and about in Moray. It’s great when they share back with us just how that felt and what it meant to them as a person – we always aim to work both ways, creating change personally and with others.

Thanks to the Champion who shared this experience of helping at a stall. To find out more about becoming a champion visit our sign up page here.

Thank you for the opportunity to go along today and help at the MWH stand as a champion.

I wanted to tell you how much I have gotten from this experience personally. I was able to engage and talk to other champions and ordinary students, they were open and engaging in their personal experience of mental well being.

The warm glow I got from hearing about the positive impact MWH has had on one champions whole life was lovely. It has been transformative for her and improved her self-belief and confidence massively, I was able to see physically before me the effects this organisation can have on people. And these changes in peoples lives facilitated by MWH look sustainable.

People experiencing them, including myself, are also acquiring the tools needed for the good mental health housekeeping we all need to do, whether mentally well or mentally ill at any given point in our lives.

I also felt very satisfied in the knowledge that I was bringing these services, including the peer support service, to student’s attention. Some of whom chose to share their struggles with us and commented on how these resources will be helpful.

It’s great work MWH does and I’m so proud to be a tiny part of it!

Thank you, I cannot recommend the experience enough to other champions.

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