News: Great time to sign up as a Champion – events, training and opportunities!

Heidi Highlights, News

It’s never been a better time to join our Moray social movement for change as a Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion. We have some amazing Champion only events, training and opportunities for those keen to make a difference in their lives and those of their community. We all have mental health and at the Hub, we focus on what we have in common -one of those things is experiencing challenges and crisis in life, and we want to turn that into something positive and improve things.

You don’t need any experience… except for in life itself!

We don’t define by health conditions, age (over 16 currently, but we are working on it!), education, job or life roles. It’s free and we pay expenses when needed. It’s like no voluntary role we’ve heard of – it’s about you, your community and matching the strengths and interests of both to make things better for us all.

If you want to make a change for you and for Moray, while using your life experiences to inspire others, then join us!

Examples of upcoming events and opportunities include:

  • Our pot-luck learn and share this Friday: Meet fellow Champions, share food and hear about upcoming events directly from the Champion’s running them.
  • Help pilot national training in human rights: Support our friends at See Me by being the first to try the approach out. Perfect for those of us who want to reframe the discrimination we have experienced around mental health issues and understand human rights from a personal perspective.
  • Free taster sessions of therapeutic wellness tools and supportive chat: Delivered by fellow Champions to mark World Suicide day on the 10th September
  • Feelgood Festival Events: Volunteering as part of a friendly team to support our Champion led festival this October. Expect laughter, cake and buckets of conversations!

Common questions…….

Confidentiality: being a Champion does not mean you need to be visible as one, we certainly don’t make you wear a flashing badge (unless you really want to!). Whilst it may be trickier to anonymously connect with the team or attend training, we never intentionally broadcast who is and who is not a Champion. This is important to us, we recognise the stigma surrounding mental health can put people off joining, worried that it could impact current and future work or life opportunities. Being anonymous is up to you – that’s ok with us!

Time commitment – We are all busy. We don’t want more from you, just for you to achieve what you are doing already, but with more impact. It’s not about time, but about connecting when you want and when the opportunities interest you. We have some very active Champions and many others less active. All are important and we look to support each other equally.

More info and a sign-up form can be found here. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

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