Resource: The Place of Kindness, report from Carnegie Trust.

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Kindness is a resource that is undervalued in its ability to transform lives and communities. This report gives an excellent overview of why kindness is important, and of what factors we need in places, values and opportunities to foster kindness in these settings.

Read “The Place of Kindness” report here.

The findings of the research the report is based on are in line with the findings of our project year in 2016/17. Here are some key points:

  • The existing evidence on the connection between relationships and wellbeing is strong
  • It is also clear that kindness and positive relationships are not enough in themselves to create wellbeing
The kindness evident at the Cook Club no doubt makes people’s lives better, but it is hard to see how far it can impact in circumstances which reflect the impact of adverse childhood experiences, poverty, deprivation, austerity, neighbourhood hostility, addiction and inadequate responses from the state. These people need a greater sufficiency from the state to improve incomes, housing and health.
What gets in the way? The findings here are probably unsurprising to many of us working with communities and individuals in Moray.
  • Personal Risk
  • Regulation
  • Professionalism
  • Performance Managment
Has this report resonated with you?
Would you like to build more kindness into your group or organisation?

If so, get in contact with the Moray Wellbeing Hub as we are looking for opportunities to support partners in becoming more kind as a route to improving mental health in Moray.

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