Activity: Moray Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2017 hosted by the Moray Wellbeing Hub

Heidi Activity

The Moray Wellbeing Hub will co-ordinate the 2017 Moray events as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. This national festival has been run locally in the past as the ‘Feelgood Festival”, but took a pause over the last two years whilst organisers sought suitable community leadership. The hub’s social enterprise structure and commitment to grassroots approaches make it an excellent choice for a host, and with support from the original partners locally from health and social care, it’s off to a strong start.

The first actions will be to reach out to community members, partners in the arts, health, education and venues, to explore what might be possible this year. Two events have been planned as ‘Cuppa & Contibute’ events, the first of these is on the 9th of June and the second the following week TBC once those interested register and select the date.

Click here for information on the “Cuppa & Contribute” events.

The aims for the first year are to focus on quality of over quantity, building a solid base for future years, attracting more funding and linking with existing Moray events.

More details will be provided as the development process continues.

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